The National Security Studies Center at the University of Haifa was established in 2000, to promote research and public discourse on Israel's national security. The NSSC seeks todevelop interdisciplinary research in a wide-range of areas, bringing together political, social, military, legal, ethical and economic aspects of national security, hoping to contribute to a better and more comprehensive understanding of these issues among decision makers, as well as senior political and military officials. To set its work in the broader international context, the NSSC strives to develop and maintain a dialogue with national security institutions around the world. For the last quarter century, the National Security Studies Program at the University of Haifa and the NSSC have been educating senior officials and high ranking officers in the field of national security. Recently, the NSSC engaged young scientists in a few research groups to conduct ground breaking work, hoping to forge the new generation of scholars that will lead the Center in the future. Prof. Gabriel Ben Dor established the Center and led it in its formative years. Since 2008 Dr. Dan Schueftan has taken over as the Director of the NSSC.

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