National Resilience Project

One of the central aspects which reflect the resilience of a society is the ability of its members and the sub-groups within it to cope with challenges, difficulties, and sometimes – with lack of success.

Conducted by Prof. Gabriel Ben-Dor, Dr. Daphna Canetti and Dr. Eyal Lewin, The National Security Studies Center in Haifa University has been leading a comprehensive semi-annual survey among a representative sample of the general population of Israel. This large poll has been taking place ever since October 2000 in order to examine the manner in which Israeli society handles its security problems. At each point in time of the longitudinal survey 2000 respondents were sampled, of which approximately 1600 were Jews. This immense source of data, from which records concerning various populations had been obtained, has enabled us to perform a unique measurement and numerous statistical analyses for each of the inquired factors of national resilience: collective threat perceptions; political and social trust; optimism and patriotism.

Results stemming from this large array of updated data are presented annually in the Herzlyiah conference as well as in scientific conferences all over the world; it also serves as raw material for numerous researches in this field.

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